Task – Use natural persuation.

 Design development for the most special UHT-milk with high estimation. Arla meadow milk is the first UHT milk on the shelf where our cows

provide happy customers before you know it - because when shopping, they have done something for sustainable livestock farming.


Background – a pleasent cow provides attention on the shelf.

 The packaging design for the UHT meadow milk from Arla should emphasize the sustainable thought of its production – the cows of the Arla farmers

are moving free in the fields and there are fed with as much as possible green fodder. You can see it on the packagings: the shiny green reminds of juicy grass,

the pleasant cow-icon smiles happily and satisfied at the consumer. Additionally the quality seal with the Arla meadow milk promise sees to even more “green” persuation.

From the beginning the UHT meadow milk from Arla gives a good feeling to the consumers. They know the milk comes from cows who feel good. With every purchase of a milk packaging the consumer automatically does something good for sustainable livestock farming.


The Arla meadow milk promise

Weather permitting, the Arla meadow milk cows are outside. With the meadow milk promise the enterprise guarantees that they are in the field at least six hours a day for at least 120 days from springtime to autumn. Every Arla meadow milk farm has to meet strict requirements and keep a field journal which proves precisely on which acreage the cows were allowed to graze. These agreements are fixed contractually between Arla and the farm and controlled by an independent control body. Of course the enterprise supports the Arla farmers in this complex work, after all everyone has - as it is customary for a cooperative- the same goal in mind: to assume responsibility for the animals in a sustainable manner and to respond to the consumer’s wish to safeguard cows as a characteristic part of the landscape.



 Launch: June 2015

 Roll-Out: 2015