Biomimikry describes a structure and geometry that’s findable in nature. All structures found in Nature are beautiful whilst following the laws of physics.

That’s why we teamed up with TILSCO to conceptualize the structure of this bottle that will be used for cleaning products.

We ended up sending the design to a university to calculate the least amount of materials needed to assure a structurally sound bottle. On top of using the least amount of materials for the bottle we found out that we are able to create it out of mono materials which are 100% recyclable.

The container has the design of a standard bottle that can be used multiple times through the use of disposable pouch that you insert into the bottle skeleton.

The tab that holds the pouch in place is made out of paper and can be easily removed from the plastic pouch, making it easy to recycle properly.



Development of concept designs for the Sonett brand. Consideration of innovative packaging material, which expresses the 360 degree sustainability theme. With the new Biomimikry technology, significantly less plastic material can be used. and thus the Cradle 2 Cradle approach can be applied positively.



The current design appearance of the Sonett brand is ideally suited to the amorphous design language from the logo to the amorphous louvre look. of the Biomimikry bottle. The pioneering function, the impact on the shelf and the recognition are optimally supported.