Launch of a new food concept and design of the Orient experience. 



Enjoyment with all the senses. A skill that has worked its magic in the Orient since the days of 1001 Nights, thanks to the wide variety of spice and taste experiences. The taste of saffron and coriander is something truly magical - and, for us, a major challenge!


Kattus planned to enlarge its range by adding Oriental delicacies. We took on the task - from the conception of a new umbrella brand, through creating a new name to the packaging design. The end result looks delicious and brings some of the flavour of the Orient to Germany. 



Based on the designroute favoured by our client (and us) design adaption were developed fort he whole Jadira range.



Launch: 2007

Roll-Out: August 2008 | 30 Produkte


Creative Direction at Syndicate Brand & Corporate Design AG / Hamburg