Together with the Waffellöser company, DesignKis designed a new B2B wafer product in a variety of individually prepared processes as part of an innovation workshop. This means not only tracking down and listing new trends, fads and tasks, but also reviewing these topics with regard to the respective brand. By processing the relevant influences, we identify areas of opportunity and inspire the company with a fresh look from the outside.



One of the many innovative ideas that came out of the workshop was "A waffle that clings to a coffee cup" with which the milk foam can be spooned out of the cup. During the further condensation of the results and visualisation of the idea, a "waffle spoon was created which is placed on the cup or spoon". This was finally presented to Tchibo.

1. Step

First idea generated in the workshop as a waffle foam spoon

2. Step

Further digital implementation in detail